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“None of us is as smart as all of us.”

- Japanese Proverb

Marc Bolick - President

Marc is a business strategist with extensive experience in sales & marketing, strategic planning, product management, and partnership management. He has consistently delivered positive business results in companies of all sizes through effective management of products, projects and culturally diverse teams. Marc has deep international work experience in North America, Europe and Asia. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Clemson, and an MBA from Rotterdam School of Management.

Sharon Dye - Principal Consultant

Sharon has years of experience with clients of all sizes, and has led global teams, working across different countries. She has managed projects and products from complex software applications at GE Medical Systems to enterprise level sales & service systems at Cisco. She has a selfless drive to satisfy customers and relentless passion for quality and on-time delivery. Sharon has the intellect to drill down when needed while maintaining focus on the high level objectives. She has an MSc in Physics, and an MBA.

Partners and Associates

We are a network organization and work with a variety of partner companies and associates with expertise in specific fields. Depending on the project and the client’s needs, we assemble a team with the right skills and experience to provide the highest quality services within your budget constraints.

Dmarc8 can bring a range of services and skills through its network of partners:

  1. Web and mobile design, development and optimization

  2. - Mobile application and mobile optimized website development

  3. - Website content updates, copywriting, blogs and administration

  4. - Site monetization, ad trafficking

  5. - SEO and SEM

  6. Mobile marketing and site monetization

  7. Medical device product development and regulatory approvals

  8. Knowledge management tools & support:
        - Process and procedure documentation
        - Training, desk side support
        - End-user documentation, guides, technical manuals

  9. Funding for startups, market expansions and M&A

  10. Offshoring, low-cost design and BPO

Who We Are

The “Dmarc8” name

There are many uses for the word “demarcate,” from military to surface striping (e.g. roads) to cosmetics, and perhaps most notably cartography.

  1. de·mar·cate

  2. 1)to delimit, to set the boundaries of;

  3. 2)to distinguish, to set apart

We think that in business it is important to know what your limits are, where you want to go and what sets you apart from your competition. We like the idea that we help our clients better define their limits and see their potential. It is our goal to help you grow, so we seek to help move the “lines of demarcation”, the things that limit your business.

We help you Extend the Limits of Your Business.

Probably the most famous demarcation lines are military, such as the Berlin Wall and the DMZ in the Korean Peninsula.

berlin demarcation line
Korean demarcation line