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Know your market boundaries

Strategy development

Working closely with your executive management, we develop a clear picture of the company’s possible growth paths, evaluate the alternatives to determine what initiatives to pursue, and then collaborate to establish plans for implementing the selected initiatives. Strategy development engagements typically address funding decisions about growth projects and can require anything from a full business plan to competitive analysis to product road mapping.

Marketing planning

You have a great product and you are pretty clear about what needs it satisfies, but you need to translate the internal knowledge into a marketing strategy. Through external market research and internal information gathering, we get a clear picture of how your products can be marketed to potential customers. Our team crafts the core marketing messages and works with our network of agencies to develop a tactical plan and budget to fill your sales funnel with prospects.

Business development:
    partnering | contract management | international

Developing new business requires considerable resources, especially if you have new products or you are entering new markets. We can generate leads, negotiate complex sales deals, negotiate contractual terms and complement your sales and business development team. If your goals are to expand into international markets, our team has the experience and connections to ensure that you minimize risk while creating the best opportunity for sales growth.

Product planning

We work alongside your product team to help synthesize the many ideas and requirements from various stakeholders. Our team helps structure and arbitrate the interaction between business and technical constituencies to establish a product plan that meets your strategic needs. The product planning engagement can take on many forms, and generally involves helping our client translate a vision into a clear road map with attainable milestones and full commitment of the product team.

Project management

Certain projects simply fall outside the normal scope of internal teams. Dmarc8 can help by managing projects from initiation through launch. Our project managers ensure that scope is well defined, expectations are managed and deliverables are tracked. The result is a predictable project launch that meets your organization’s needs without deploying internal management resources.

"When I have one week to solve a seemingly impossible problem, I spend six days defining the problem. Then, the solution becomes obvious."

- Albert Einstein

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